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James-Banana-Head-1I’m so delighted to have my book now available to buy on-line. It’s been a two year endeavour which has expanded what I thought was possible, and connected me to others in unexpected ways.


I always found languages difficult – I was shy and had trouble learning words. I just couldn’t relate to how it was being taught – it made no sense to me. I now speak pretty good Indonesian by using the method I’m sharing in my book and shortly, an Android app (sorry Apple users, you’ll have to wait a bit).

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If you are totally dedicated, you can learn hundreds of words, very quickly. If you are like me, learn the most used ones first (as the book is presented) and then take words in as you find you need them.

The method means you’ll learn really fast, and, of course, the more you use them, the more fluid you’ll become.

Indonesian is a great language to learn, not only is it spoken by over 300 million people, it’s structure is simple and phonetically similar to English (apart from the odd rolled R!!!)

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My joy is to see others speaking new words and seeing their surprise at how easy it is to remember them.

With affection, James