Having created a huge number of word associations for my own learning РI thought it would be a good idea to see if there were any studies about the method.

To my surprise, studies had been carried out as early as 1975 – I couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t know about this – it would revolutionise language learning – but there you are!

Below are the results I found. Please follow the links for more details and download the PDF if you’re a swat like me ūüėÄ

Proven Method

88% Words retained using the method

27% Words retained learning by rote

Studies carried out by¬†Atkinson & Raugh show a marked improvement in retention of language using a word association or mnemonic¬†method of learning. For learning Spanish ‚Äď the results were 3 times better¬†than learning using traditional methods.

Research results

50% Better immediate recall 

75% Improvement longer term

Other tests showed a considerable improvement in immediate recall. The associations used were very simple and still the results were marked.