What’s new in 2015!

Over 500 sold

It’s been a great year and hard to believe a whole year since I launched the book. So very happy with the feedback and with over 500 sold last year – I’m delighted that so many people are able to take the fast track to learning Indonesian

Last Year like

In the last year, I’ve been keeping Facebook up to date, sharing words for everyone to learn and creating more word associations for us all.

These have been going into the Android app I’m developing which should be out in a few months. (Once launched I’ll begin development of an Apple version to keep you iPhone aficionados happy).

Mobile phone App

Developing the Indoglyphs App has been a huge learning curve. The first draft just didn’t cut it, I wanted it to be more intuitive and easy to use, and now it is 🙂 The app will come with language packs so, if you already own the book, you’ll be able to get even more words to learn and play with. Plus, the basic pack will contain the words from the book, so you can get that as well to enable you to actually hear the pronunciations and track your progress more easily.

Available on Google Books

Towards the end of 2014 I released the book to Google Book where you can find it a little cheaper. Google have a great book reader and it’s great if you’re on the go with your Android mobile.

Su and James

Personal life

My original love didn’t work out, but I’m happy to say, I now have a smashing girl friend from Java and we are enjoying life and working on several projects together (including an apartment fit that has been quite a challenge).

I continue to learn more Indonesian ever day – so of course, you’ll all benefit from that 🙂

All the best and Sampai Jumpa Nanti.