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Author: James Harvey

Born in 1963 in, Essex, England, James was always a seeker, loving life and people. James education was marred with difficult teachers and, being shy, found languages a struggle and so soon abandoned all hope of ever being able to converse in anything but English.
Educated to Degree level in computer science, James had a thirst to go beyond his seeming limitations. A job in IT Pre-Sales found James needing to quickly pick up communication and presentation skills, a redundancy in 1991 gave James the opportunity to travel and expand his horizons.

James at Sariswati Ceremony

In 1992 James started to open more and more to connection. He discovered a wonderful dance form called Biodanza and went on to manage a holistic holiday center in Greece.

Each year that followed led to a richer and richer life experience learning Pilates and the Guitar, becoming a Biodanza Teacher and Improv Comedy teacher.

Since 2009, James has been looking after his parents in England and travelling in Asia, teaching and enjoying the culture
and, whenever he can, writing in Bali. James has captured here the method he finally used to overcome his younger learning difficulties. A combination of Comedy Improv skill, an understanding of learning difficulties and a deep desire to share, gave birth to his remarkable book.

Origins of the method

James ProfileI wrote these books to share with you a method of learning that’s  fun, effective and easy. My first lessons in Indonesian were tough, clumsy and hard work. However, I persisted, because I wanted so much to feel more comfortable in Indonesia by being able to talk to the locals.

I needed a better way to remember words which was not so boring and was longer lasting.

Lingo-Links-Indonesian-Amazon-Cover-3D-Slant-Toward-1Many years ago, I was reading a book about memory and how to use stories to remember lists of things. Using word associations is a bit like that.

Being a Comedy Improv instructor, I started creating word associations that made me laugh (or groan) , the more ridiculous the better. My ability to remember words and my confidence, shot up. I was delighted!

Learning new words became easy and fun and that’s what I want to share with you.

Indonesian and Malaysian are relatively easy languages to learn. They have no verb tenses or gender association and a simple structure. Once you’ve got the hang of the word order, pretty much all you need is vocabulary.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating so I’ve provided as many ways for you to try the method and check out the Book and App as I can think of.

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